Don’t miss out.
When purchasing for more then 3 months - first month is free.

Don’t miss out.
In case you have more social networks you are charged for each additional with 30% discount.

We can provide the following services packages or custom work:
Establishing social networks
Communication on social networks
Creating interactive content
Optimisation of the existing social network
Advertising on social networks
Analyses and reports
For more information contact us at info@idejarna.si

We communicate daily to build better relationship with customers. Communication is interactive and transparent. Leave it to us - stop stressing yourself out about it.


Optimisation of social network and its content which, is being served, must be frequent to maintain business efficiency. We can help you with that on daily basis.


Social networks are popular and good way to reach more people while reducing costs of marketing. We can create you your unique marketing strategy that works the best.

Analysis and reports

The numbers do make a difference when trying to choose which way to lead your business or brand. We’ll deliver you weekly and monthly reports from social networks.


We take care of communication for many clients on daily basis. We are trusted by many companies and also public personalities.

ŠD Stojnci
Sport association

Idearna took care of all communication with our fans through social networks. Now we have more time to deal with the important things and focus more on trainings.

Organisation of events

With all the thing with event planning and organisations we do not have enough time for a proper communication on social networks. Idejarna helped extensively.

Hostko d.o.o.
Web Hosting

We contacted Idejarna, simply because our focus is on helping our customers and we are left with not enough time to build optimal relationships with our clients. Now everything runs smoother.

Representing musicians

Next to all the performers that we represent, it is difficult to provide regular presentation and communication on social networks - for helping out we turned to Idejarna.

Are you still wandering if you need our help with presenting your business or brand on social networks? Do you have any question regardless the work we do? Contact us – we are there for you whenever.

Available packages

We covered some of the most common services required to optimize the management of social networks and summarized in two main pack and one for custom needs.

  • Basic

  • from 25 €

    per month
  • We set up most important social networks. We take care of weekly communication on social networks.

  • Advanced

  • from 49 €

    per month
  • We set desired social networks for you. We take care of daily communication on social networks.

  • Custom

  • from 100 €

  • Do you need prize game, integration of applications or maybe whole new application for your social site? Then you came to the right place.

Other services

That we can take care of all your worries, we have partnered with our new partners, which provide us with quality work, and so we also offer:


Web pages (development and optimisation)

E-Commerce (development and optimisation)

Hosting (fast and quality web hosting and vps)

Graphic design (web sites, promo material)

Video in photo production (promo material)

Branding (development and growth hacking of your brand)

Smart ads (banners, mobile ads contextual advertising)

Consulting in business process (consultancy and process optimisation)

The team

For all of your worries there is a team of young and innovative individuals. Each specializes in its own way - together they form Idejarna and provide you with a whole lot of quality services.

Marko Poharič

Project manager, managing social networks, communication, sales

Damjan Kopold

Management of social networks, communication and sales

Sandi Poharič

Finance, sales

Nejc Rodošek

Web development and integration of applications